Hi there!

I created this site after encouragement from friends and family to record my ramblings about food and beverage, restaurants and breweries, and everything in between. My aim is not to elevate myself, posing as some sort of expert levying opinions and criticisms. Rather the opposite. I find it very hard to take myself seriously in this regard; I’m nobody, saying nothing much about things I likely have little to no business evaluating. That said, I’m gonna give it a go anyway. Whether you laugh or cry, learn something or become glaringly upset with me, at least we’ll have invoked  something, together.

Here’s a picture of me in a familiar space: entertaining friends in my kitchen, fumbling through recipes far above my station, half in the bag and swearing more with every glass of wine. In this particular shot, my eyes are just barely open, despite having not quite  plated mains yet. It’s probably well after 9:00 P.M., dinner delayed after lapping up what looks to be a rather delicious Riesling.


So there! Cheers!